Augmened environment with interactive 3D characters and things.

Employing the latest in virtual reality augmented reality algorithms, AUGMENTED ZONE instantly takes your guest into a personalized 3-D world complete with intelligent objects, animated characters and interactive elements. Eliminate guess-work and establish the optimal personality of your brand to ensure the most accurate feeling for your guest.

What you get?  Customization

Product Description


Hardware specs : Kinect XBOX 360, Screen/TV, Connecting wires, System(Laptop/Desktop with high configuration, I am using windows 7 OS)

software specs: I have used unity3d 4.5.3


Hardware specs : Webcam(I have not used external webcam but we need to use high resolution webcam), Screen/TV, Connecting wires, MAC System(Laptop/Desktop with high configuration, I am using MAC 8 OSX)

software specs: I have used openframework


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