AUGMENTED ZONE instantly takes your guest into a personalized 3-D world complete with intelligent objects, animated characters and interactive elements.

We understand you are a marketer and want to excite your audience. Excitometer is the most effective solution influenced by core concepts from deep psychological research: a mirror and a scale (using tomorrow’s technology nevertheless).

Enjoy watching your guest collect as many of your products as possible. There’s no better feeling: Greed transformed into heightened engagement: GAME!

Make your guest look, feel and behave like your brand mascot. No better way to make them FEEL your brand. Just choose a related character that represents your brand and we will have your guest dancing to your jingle right away.

Classic, high performance photobooth solution with desired props that auto appear on facial features.

Classic, high performance photobooth solution that instantly places your guest in a three dimensional environment and certainly captures the moment!

The Sentinel is a gatekeeper solution that detects the invitations/passes of the guest, transforms the cards into dynamic video (check out our INTERACTIVE PRINT technology)  and approves or rejects for entry.  Further gamifying the process adds excitement with players winning sponsored gifts through random chance.

Virtual Reality Headset

Transform any or all of your existing brand communications or create fresh content in immersive three dimensional virtual reality.

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Custom Solutions

We understand that every business need is unique and sometimes requires a unique and tailored solution to create experiential market activations at events, trade shows, exhibitions and product launches. We are proficient in all the current tech tools and processes of augmented reality, virtual reality & internet of things (IOT) industries; further enhanced by experienced marketing minds. Allow us to make something exclusively for you.

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